Contact Information

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Scoutmaster Staff

Name/Email Phone Position/Responsibility
 Bart Ayres
 John Carlson 265-0586 ASM
 Dave Cooney269-5679 ASM
 George Gonatas Sr.239-5897ASM
George Gonatas Jr.  ASM
 Glenn Homeyer 361-2171 ASM, Equipment Coordinator
 Keith Johnston 235-0524 ASM, Webmaster
 Thomas Loiacono327-7196ASM
 James McCormack471-2203  ASM
 Thomas McGee  ASM
 Matt Meehan  ASM
Dave Seaman724-3410 ASM
 Charles Tekverk 656-9374ASM
 Chuck Tekverk656-9374ASM
James Weller427-9782ASM

Troop Committee

 Jim Brauer(516) 287-4494 Committee Chair 
 Brad Schlossberg544-1128Activities Coordinator 
 Brian O'Connor261-6737Treasurer 
 Mark Loiacono
Advancement Coordinator 
Rose Mangogna  Advancement Records Coordinator 
 Tom O'Brien, Sr361-3677Eagle Correspondence 
Kathleen Pitta 269-7109 Fundraising Coordinator
 John Gaio
Trading Post 
 Steve Battiste 516-209-1209Member of Committee 
James Brauer 265-9324Member of Committee
 Rich Garland269-7813Member of Committee
 Craig Haft979-2008Member of Committee
 Steve Johnston366-0952Member of Committee
 Mark Loiacono544-4243Member of Committee
 Ed McDermott265-0896Member of Committee, Chartered Organization Representative
 Katie O'Connor 261-6737 Member of Committee 
 Russ Pitta269-7109Member of Committee
 Lisa Schlossberg  544-1128  Member of Committee
 Ellen Stein 656-9645 Member of Committee 
 Michael Stein 656-9645 Member of Committee 
 Ken Suhovsky292-2334Member of Committee
 Anthony Trobiano III361-9826Member of Committee
 Jim Weller427-8782Member of Committee