Spring Plant Sale!

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Hi Troop 75 families!!!

Spring has sprung so why don't we sell PLANTS!!!!  YAY!  

The attached files are the plants that are available this year.  Please read over the main info letter for changes and important dates.  Money for the plants are due when you pick up your order.  Please sign up for the plant offload.  There will be a sign up sheet on the wall at the end of tonight's meeting.

There will be no extra copies of these forms in the committee room.  Please print the color picture out to show your customers.  The other items can be printed out as needed.  Please submit your totals on the sheet provided.  If you have a problem printing/reading, let us know.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.  Our numbers are on the files attached.  


Julie Battiste and Diane Menier

Summer Camp Key Dates and Forms!

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Please see attached below for key forms for Yawgoog 2019.

Key Dates:

April 9, 2019: $100 Deposit Due-Permission Slip, Parent Contact Form, Allergen, Restrictions and Medication Forms Due

June 4, 2019: Balance of Camp Fee Due, Medical Forms (A,B and C) – 3 Copies Due, Insurance Card – 3 Copies Due

June 25, 2019: Troop 75 Yawgoog Camp Meeting – All Scouts going and Parents of Scouts going must attend

July 28, 2019: Leave for Camp on Orient Point Ferry

August 4, 2019: Arrive Home at Orient Point

Christmas Wreath Sale!

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Hello Troop 75!!!!  

Its that time of year again, Holiday Tree Sale!!!!!!!  Attached are the flyers and information letters you need for our sale.  Please read them all as information has changed this year.  I am currently having trouble with the color flyer and it will be sent tomorrow in another email.  Please print it out, in color, to show your customers.

We have 2 new items this year.  One is a decorated Cross made with balsam branches and decorated with pine cones and a bow.  The second new item is the Bushel basket from last year but with a blue bow.

We have found a new distributor for wreaths and are able to reduce the price of them to $16!  This year the price of roping has increased.  We have decided to offer just one size of roping, 25 foot lengths.  They will be delivered to us in 75 foot lengths and we will cut them to order.

Each scout is required to sell at least 10 wreaths.  They will be passed out at the offload, November 19th.  If your scout is not available for the offload, we will make arrangements to pick up another day.  Sign up sheets will be posted at the church.

This is a learning experience for your scout.  Go over the information with them and have them be responsible for taking information from customers and also keeping track of the money.  When and if you take the scouts out to sell in your area, have them wear their Class A's.  The customers always love the beret and uniform.  

As always, if you have any questions, please call/text/email Julie Batiste.

Fall Plant Sale Fundraiser!

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Scouts and Families, please see the attached flyer for information on our Fall Plants Fundraiser!

This is a great opportunity for the Scouts to earn money for their camp funds, so please encourage everyone to participate – the profit margin makes it a worthwhile effort: Scouts will earn $10.25 for every 3 mums they sell, $4.75 for each Montauk Daisy/Kale (which will be sold as single items only).


One order form with each scouts totals will be collected at the troop meetings on September 4 and September 11, as well as by email anytime up to September 11.


Any questions please contact Kathleen Pitta

Summer Camp Reminders!

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Please see attached flyer with Last Minute Reminders for Summer Camp!:

-Key Dates & Places
-Required Forms
-Communicating With Your Scout
-Gear & Clothing Checklist
-What Not to Bring

Anyone with questions should contact Mr. Schlossberg or Mr. Brauer

Please see troop-wide email for phone numbers and/or email addresses of adult leaders attending Yawgoog

Movie Fundraiser!

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Hello Everyone ! We will be having a Movie Fundraiser !
Sunday May 20th, Elwood Cinemas

 945 am check in

$20 per person (Soda and popcorn included)

Movie:  The Avengers

Please sign up  ASAP, there will be a sign up sheet on the wall.

Payment made to Troop 75 by May 15th.

Any questions please Contact Ellen Stein

Bowling Fundraiser!

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Please join us for a GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING FUNDRAISER to benefit Troop 75. 
We thought this would be better than freezing our butts off doing a car wash ! 

TUESDAY, February 20th !!!!!!!
From 7:00 to 9:00 
(INSTEAD of our troop meeting@ church)

Cost: $22.00 per person

2 hours bowling w/ shoe rental included and a $5 arcade card



Please RSVP: on or before February 15th by email...


Candy Bar Fundraiser!

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The Scouts will be selling candy bars for $1.00 each and there are 30 bars in each box. 

The Scouts receive 100% of the profit and will earn $13.00 per box sold for their camp fund that may be used for Troop activities, including the Troop trip, Yawgoog or Philmont. 

We have a limited number of boxes and they go quick!  
All candy money will be due by the February 27th Troop meeting.  

Please note that we are asking your Scouts to sell the candy, not eat it!

Anyone with questions should contact Mr. Brauer.

Christmas Wreath Sale!

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Hi Troop 75 Families!!!! Its that time of year again, Wreath Sale time!  Please see the Parent Letter for full details.

We have some big changes.  We have 3 new items on the sale sheet this year.  A Candy Cane shaped door decoration, a Table Top Tree and a Holiday Bushel Basket.  See attached color Flyer that you can print out and show.  We have put aside the Deluxe wreath and the Kissing Balls.

Deliveries will also be different this year.  For the new items, we are putting in the order when you hand in the order.  They will be delivered shortly after.  All other items are pre-ordered and will be available by Nov 21, when orders are handed in. 

We will need help this year again with making the Centerpieces and Pine Cone decorations.  If you order Centerpieces you have to come down and help make them.  The dates we are making centerpieces/pine cones are in the Key Dates file attached here.

We also need help making bows for our First Class Wreaths and Table Top Trees.  Please see Julie or Ellen, in the committee room during or after the meetings for bow making supplies.  If you don't know how to make them, we can show you.  Its easy.  There is a video on you tube titled "Bow tying video for Wreath Troop 75" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1dFxmVs5MI

Once we get a date for the delivery we will post a sign up sheet for the offload.  Also keep an eye out for important information emailed from time to time.

Thank you for volunteering for our Troop!!!!!! Feel free to contact  Julie Battistie with any questions.

Spring Plant Sale!

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Happy Spring everyone!!

Troop 75 will once again be holding our annual plant sale. Please see attached letter for additional details. 

Also attached are order forms and plant pictures/selections.

Key Dates:

-Orders are due April 18th and will not be accepted after April 25th

-Offloading at Julie Battiste's house on May 4th @ 4:30pm

-Pickup dates are Friday May 5th (3-5pm), Saturday May 6th (1-4pm), Sunday May 7th (1-4pm)

Anyone with questions should contact Julie Battiste or Diane Menier

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